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Miracle-Ear Value

3 Year* Limited Warranty
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Miracle-Ear is the trusted brand when it comes to hearing aids. With premium hearing care services, the latest technology, and the most discreet hearing aids in the market, Miracle-Ear Hearing Solutions help those who have trouble hearing, enjoy a better quality of life.

Founded in 1948 by World War II triple ace fighter pilot Ken Dahlberg, Miracle-Ear was the first to offer an all-in-the-ear hearing aid. Miracle-Ear was also the first to offer digital hearing aids across our entire product line, and our tradition of industry-leading technology continues today with the Mirage, our fully invisible hearing aid, our mini MEBluConnect technology that uses Bluetooth technology to stream audio from a variety of electronic devices, and a free mobile app that allows you to control your hearing aids from your smartphone.

What Do Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids Cost?

When evaluating hearing aids, the price of the hearing aid is definitely a factor to consider when determining which hearing aid to purchase. Consider the following:

  • How long will my hearing aid last?
  • How much do I anticipate paying for aftercare services like adjustments and maintenance, and hearing aid repairs?
  • Am I willing to pay more for a quality hearing aid?

For example, if you get the cheapest hearing aids you can find, but they break down every year, forcing you to purchase yet another pair, are you really saving money? What if your hearing aid is malfunctioning, or you need it adjusted, are you willing to pay for office visits, and how many? If you hearing aid breaks, do they offer hearing aid repairs for free? With Miracle-Ear hearing aids, almost every product offered comes with a 3-year limited warranty*, and aftercare is included with the upfront cost, which helps you reduce the overall costs you may have to incur to address your hearing loss.

Free Hearing Tests

If you or someone you love may be experiencing hearing loss, you can come into Miracle-Ear for a free hearing test. This hearing test can determine if hearing loss is being experienced, as well as the nature and level of hearing loss.

Free Trial Periods

Within days most of our customers can't imagine life without their Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids, which is why we let customers try out our hearing aids for 30 days**. This allows those who may be hesitant to wear a hearing aid, to try wearing Miracle-Ear Hearing Aids for up to days with the ability to return it, no questions asked. When it comes to your hearing, you want a solution you can trust. And that's exactly what you'll get from the Miracle-Ear experience.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Miracle-Ear stands behind the quality of its hearing aids and accessories. As a result, we offer standard 3-year limited warranties on all of our Miracle-Ear Hearing Solutions, giving our customers peace of mind, knowing that their hearing aid investment is protected.

Over 1,200 Locations Nationwide

A Miracle-Ear Hearing Solution means that you are never far away from somewhere that can adjust and service your hearing aids. No matter what Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center you buy your Miracle-Ear hearing aids from, you can rest assured you will receive the same quality and level of service at any of our over 1,200 locations nationwide.

Free Aftercare

Your Miracle-Ear Experience lasts well beyond your initial purchase of a Miracle-Ear Hearing Solution. Free aftercare is included at no additional cost with every Miracle-Ear hearing aid, which includes:

  • Free personalized programming
  • Free annual hearing screenings
  • Free adjustments
  • Free office visits

You can get your free aftercare services from any Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center, regardless of where you purchased your Miracle-Ear hearing aids. You can get your hearing aid adjusted, your concerns answered, or your hearing aid repaired almost anywhere nationwide, since you are never too far from a Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid Center.